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How to Read / Understand Personal Credit Report - 1
« on: November 06, 2009, 12:22:05 PM »
This is a the first part of the four part series on How to understand and read your personal CIBIL Consumer Credit Report.

Look at the attachment.

Explaining the Fields of the Credit Report - The Header of the Report
Consumer / Borrower [sometimes] - Your Full Name
Member ID - CIBIL Created Internal ID
Date and Time - Date and Time [IST] when the report was generated
Control Number - CIBIL generated internal number for this report. Required for all future correspondence

Now coming to the next section, Consumer Information
Name All Names that Have been recorded - for example Anant Kumar Krishna or K. Ananat Kumar
Personal Details
Date of Birth ,
Telephone Number/s,
PAN Number [ Should be only one, it is an offense to have more than one. Consolidate by paying fine now or face JAIL later.
VOTER ID [They may not be recorded]
PASSPORT [They may not be recorded]

All the Locations where you have lived and which have been recorded with your financial institutions. Say in 2006, you were in Bangalore and 2008, you moved to Kolkata, both places must appear.

In the next post, we shall explain you the Summary part of the report which is basically a summary of Accounts and Inquiries.

Your questions and comments are welcome.