Author Topic: StanChart Account Fully Paid -CIBIL Status Written-Off  (Read 3828 times)

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StanChart Account Fully Paid -CIBIL Status Written-Off
« on: August 30, 2014, 09:51:41 PM »
I had a credit card with number 4622 7XXXX XX08 4912. Card was blocked in 2012 because I failed to pay the amount on that. But in the year end 2012, I paid all the dues and there was no pending due. After that, I came to know that my CIBIL score is low and it is because payment is still due. I contacted Standard Chartered and they informed me that some amount is still pending and I need to pay INR 521.38. I paid my last outstanding due of INR 521.38 on 17/2/2014 and asked them to clear my account and asked for the no-outstanding letter.But My standard Chartered credit card status is still showing as Written-Off in CIBIL. I have sent mails to on 17/2/2014, 20/2/2014, 1/3/2014, 14/5/2014,25/7/2014,30/7/2014,1/8/2014,5/8/2014 and 13/8/2014 and asked Standard Chartered to update the payment status in CIBIL score and to update my CIBIL score. I received a mail on 3/3/2014 in which SC team asked me to consider that mail as confirmation of no outstanding but payment status and score is still not updated after 6 months in CIBIL Consumer Credit Information Report.

Solution to Problem: Banks Often Delay in Correcting the Status which badly affects the Consumer. RBI Must have some regulation or means to resolve this menace forever as CIBIL very smartly washes of its hands saying we have updated whatever is provided by the bank and Financial institution.