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FII Views on India - Citi
« on: May 08, 2014, 02:13:30 PM »
In a Note Citi said that the Views of FIIs on India has changed from being Hated to being Loved with the following note,

We recently met over 80 institutional investors in Asia and the US', unveils India Economist Rohini Malkani, ‘and the key takeaway was a modest rebalancing of the long developed markets (DM), short Emerging Markets (EM) trade – a result of softer US yields and stabilization of EM currencies… within EM, while admittedly there are apprehensions on the pace of reviving investments and consumer sentiment, investors’ perception of India has changed from ‘hated’ to ‘loved’… this is a result of 1) potential political change; 2)  micro-level policy reforms; and 3) a watchful central bank… with the INR likely to be stable – a result of rebuilding reserves – a positive election outcome would bode well for equities and bonds as many real money investors claim to have abstained from taking a political bet