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Investment made Easy with Equity
« on: July 11, 2019, 10:51:28 AM »
People normally don’t find it safe to invest in Equity. They consider it a gamble. Why? Because your shares are traded in the stock market which is subjected to market fluctuations. Then why does Monika Halan, consulting Editor for Mint, state “I Love equity funds”  in her book “Let’s Talk Money”.
Equities are stocks, meaning shares of a company. When you invest in equities it means you own the shares of a company and are partial owners of the company

Here are some benefits of investing in equities:

Higher gains: As mentioned before investments in equities are subjected to market conditions, so one has more potential to earn higher gains when the market price of a share rises.
Dividend: If the company you invest in performs extremely well then, as equity shareholders of the company you are entitled to earn dividends.
Authority: Once you invest in shares of the company you get voting rights in the company, meaning you can exercise control.
Easy transfer: The shares are listed in the stock market and hence if you want to sell your shares, you can do so easily, thereby increasing liquidity.
Bonus shares: At times, a company can issue additional shares instead of dividends to existing shareholders.
Higher Claim: Since you are the owner of shares in the company, it also means you get to enjoy a share of the incomes of the company.
Right shares: There are chances that you receive “Right Shares” when the company goes in for further expansion of capital. Owning these shares, you get higher preference than the general investors.

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