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Welcome and See Who is This Forum For ?
« on: November 01, 2009, 07:17:16 PM »

Across the Web, you will find several forums related to discussion on Indian stocks. Most of them are targeted for Day Traders as if their no tomorrow and all the money is to be made within a day / few hours. We do not believe in creating wealth overnight. Hence the goal of this forum is always "Investing on the basis of Fundamentals & Growth". :)

Who is this Forum for ?
This forum is for anybody who believes in Equity as an Asset Class for wealth creation. It is mostly for Small and Medium sized Investors. Strategy for Small Investors would be to Invest and HOLD only in fundamentally sound companies, however mid sized investors can risk some part of their folio with exposure to unproven small cap stocks which will be discussed on the child board here.

We will keep sharing high quality research, and you are FREE to add to it or ask any question and also critic about it.

Happy investing :-)