Author Topic: What is HDFC Prashant Jain's Salary / Remuneration ?  (Read 7332 times)

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What is HDFC Prashant Jain's Salary / Remuneration ?
« on: January 21, 2016, 09:41:40 PM »
We have been trying to find out the Salary / Remuneration paid to Sr. Fund Manager Prashant Jain a.k.a Mr. PrashantKumar Rajendra Jain of HDFC Equity and Top 200 Fund. One is the Fixed component and then there is a Variable Component which is directly proportional to the performance of the Fund [Not Sure if it is Returns based in that Financial Year or beating the benchmark which is declared in the Offer Document]

Milind Barve - MD of HDFC Mutual Funds Asset Management Company was drawing the following Salary /Remuneration in the following Years

FY 2010-11 - Rs 5.60 Crore
FY 2011-12 - Rs 5.01 Crore
FY 2012-13 - Rs 5.43 Crore
FY 2013-14 - Rs 5.89 Crore
FY 2014-15 - Rs 5.89 Crore [Same as Previous Year]

Our guess is Prashant Jain takes home similar amount like the Milind Barve. Wait we are trying to find out. If you have any links / Jugad in Delloite Haskins & Sells LLP Auditing Firm of HDFC AMC, you can get this data.

Update on May-03-2016:
Here is List of All the Executives of HDFC Mutual Fund AMC and their Pay / Remuneration in 2015-16 and is 100% Authentic :-)