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Indian Retail Forum and Discussion / Walmart's Mera Kirana - Big Hit
« Last post by chetan on February 04, 2019, 04:28:40 PM »
Global Retail Gain Wal-Mart has introduced Mera Kirana Programme in India

Under this programme, Wal-Mart creates zones in its Best Price Wholesale Stores that are designed to resemble a modern kiranas (mom-and-pop grocery store). It serves as a model for kirana store owners to replicate when it comes to assortment and placement. Wal-Mart also sends its teams out to Kirana stores in order to work directly with them.

These are helping retailers to modernise their stores with better utilization of infrastructure, which in turn helps to optimize space
and drive a better assortment of products.

Since Best Price Wholesale Stores require huge space (4 acres) and the process of getting approvals and  performing due diligence for setting up stores is tedious (used to take four years, now takes 2.5), it is focusing on setting up more fulfilment centres for kiranas. These fulfilment centres are housed in warehouses operated by third-party logistics firms and they can start functioning within 60 days. With increasing scale and more such centres, the quality of service to GT is likely to improve in coming quarters.
Indian Retail Forum and Discussion / Retailers Bargain with C&C Vs Distributors
« Last post by chetan on February 04, 2019, 04:24:32 PM »
Retailers are smart buyers, and their final purchase from distributors or Cash & Carry [C&C] chains depends on the best deal being offered. Distributors  usually provide goods to retailers on credit for 10-15 days. Retailers sell these goods to customers in cash and use this cash to purchase goods from C&C chains, which offer a little more discount than distributors so retailers don’t mind paying them on the
spot (C&C chains don’t offer credit).

This practice by retailers has led to distributors’ business volume reducing to an extent. More importantly, with additional bargaining power, retailer are demanding more credit terms from distributors, negatively affecting their ROIs.
Yes, you have to get it checked with your bank and if you have made the any late payment with the bank and it is mentioned with cibil then CIBIL also takes some time to re-edit it.
Hi,I have two credit cards with dues ~88k and ~1.1K

I was financially doing well, but I ####ed up at the time of demonetisation. I was paying paying minimum to card for almost 8-10 months and even had to use card due to some emergencies. At the moment, the minimum due for the last month is over due. I'm paying like ~11k a month for both card. Is there anyway to convince them to convert both card outstanding into loan/ EMI with a lesser interest. Overlimit fees, late fee etc along with hefty interest is killing me.

If could get them into ~8k range for atleast next 5-6 months, I can stand alone and able to clear dues within <18 months.

My CIBIL is now become 680 due to this. I'm 26 and there is too much stress from HDFC/ SBI collection agencies. Please help me, how should I talk with them?
This is amazing but Kotak Mahindra credit card are worth taking? as they do not have much offers on credit card and also they are not much popular among people.
To make credit Canara Bank credit card payment you first have to check what is the amount to be paid and time in which it has to be paid.For this you need to follow this process:-
1. Cheque the amount due in your credit card.
2. Pay the bill of the credit card:-
    *Pay through Canara bank Net Banking Services.
    *Pay through NEFT or IMPS.
    *Pay through Canara Bank UPI mode.
    *Pay through Cheque or by Cash.
What are the methods to pay Canara Bank credit card payment?

India Credit Cards / Personal & Business Loans / Re: credit card settlement
« Last post by shipra Aggarwal on October 11, 2018, 05:44:20 PM »
Credit Card settlement is basically done when you are unable to pay the whole amount of credit or when you make defaults in payment and yourself ask for settlement. But before going for settlement you should beware of it s consequences that are going to affect you future credit requirement. Settlement hampers your credit score vary badly and if in future you have requirement to raise funds and take loan you are unable to do that for a very long period of time.
Now, if you are going for settlement with Axis Bank than they will tell you the amount to be paid in case of settlement which is generally lower than the actual amount and than they submit your account report to CIBIL, with your debt settlement part also.
CIBIL Credit Report Score / Re: HOW TO IMPROVE MY SCORE FROM 600
« Last post by shipra Aggarwal on October 08, 2018, 04:25:45 PM »

To improve your credit score you can plan to take a small loan or a credit card but with this you also need to take care that you make timely payment of those credit card and personal loan because any default can spoil your credit score.
Other than that if you have taken a credit card than you also need to have a check on your spendings which should not exceed more than usage.
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