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Mutual Funds in India / Re: Investing in Mutual Funds - Beginner
« Last post by rahul_sharma on October 19, 2018, 03:43:15 PM »
There is an old saying that says – “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket”. This is true to the financial sector. For example, investing in single securities makes an investor more vulnerable to risk. This is due to the fact that the entire value of an investment depends on the performance of just one kind of asset. In addition, by concentrating on a single asset class an investor could be missing out on lucrative investment opportunities elsewhere. Investing in a mutual fund provides diversification given the fact a fund typically invests in multiple securities or asset class.

Diversification involves creating a balanced investment portfolio with a range of a different kind of asset class and range of securities within an asset class. We believe a well-diversified portfolio is stronger than any one particular area of investment. In addition, with multiple securities, an investor is in a position to cope with market fluctuations against one single security. As a result, an investor is benefitted from more stable returns in the long run.

Asset Class      % Share

Domestic equities   30%

Real estate funds   20%

Government bonds   15%

international equities   15%

Treasury inflation-
protected securities   15%

equities               5%

TOTAL                  100%

Top Liquid funds
1. ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund – Direct – Growth.
2. L&T Liquid Fund – Direct – Growth
3. Essel Liquid Fund - Direct - Growth
4. HDFC Liquid Fund - Direct Growth
5. Reliance Liquid Fund - Direct Growth
To make credit Canara Bank credit card payment you first have to check what is the amount to be paid and time in which it has to be paid.For this you need to follow this process:-
1. Cheque the amount due in your credit card.
2. Pay the bill of the credit card:-
    *Pay through Canara bank Net Banking Services.
    *Pay through NEFT or IMPS.
    *Pay through Canara Bank UPI mode.
    *Pay through Cheque or by Cash.
What are the methods to pay Canara Bank credit card payment?

India Credit Cards / Personal & Business Loans / Re: credit card settlement
« Last post by shipra Aggarwal on October 11, 2018, 05:44:20 PM »
Credit Card settlement is basically done when you are unable to pay the whole amount of credit or when you make defaults in payment and yourself ask for settlement. But before going for settlement you should beware of it s consequences that are going to affect you future credit requirement. Settlement hampers your credit score vary badly and if in future you have requirement to raise funds and take loan you are unable to do that for a very long period of time.
Now, if you are going for settlement with Axis Bank than they will tell you the amount to be paid in case of settlement which is generally lower than the actual amount and than they submit your account report to CIBIL, with your debt settlement part also.
CIBIL Credit Report Score / Re: HOW TO IMPROVE MY SCORE FROM 600
« Last post by shipra Aggarwal on October 08, 2018, 04:25:45 PM »

To improve your credit score you can plan to take a small loan or a credit card but with this you also need to take care that you make timely payment of those credit card and personal loan because any default can spoil your credit score.
Other than that if you have taken a credit card than you also need to have a check on your spendings which should not exceed more than usage.
RuPay cards are new in India and it is made by seeing the India market as visa/master cards charge more money in processing.
So, rupay cards are introduced where less processing fee is charged and it takes less time to complete the transaction but these cards are not internationally accepted as Visa/Master cards are more popular and are in as compared to RuPay card.
India Credit Cards / Personal & Business Loans / How to deal with credit card Loss?
« Last post by ReshmiSharma on September 26, 2018, 11:51:36 AM »
I started an account a month ago and collected the credit associated with that . I hardly made any money transaction via the card. I lost my card a day before. My wallet which contained the card was stolen while I was traveling. What are the actions I must perform to prevent any money theft from the card? Will the bank authorities be able locate the thief if he try to make any money transaction using my card? Will the bank authorities refund any money loss happened via credit card transaction? Shall we have to submit documents like pan card, aadhar card etc. to obtain a duplicate credit card.
India Stocks and Shares / Indian NBFC / Banks - Morgan Stanley Report
« Last post by resh on September 24, 2018, 12:57:19 PM »
Morgan Stanley Report Dated 23-Sep-2018 - India Financial - It's all about Confidence. Highlights as Follows,

For banks with strong liquidity, deposit spreads will improve in an environment of higher rates. Moreover, if NBFC / HFC growth slows, then lending competition in retail loans could diminish, helping increase lending margins. This could help drive up revenues for retail-funded banks. Our top picks in Indian financials are ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, SBI, and Axis Bank.

HDFC Bank - We derive our price target of Rs 2,450 using our base case value from a sum-of-the-parts model.

Axis Bank - Our price target of Rs 800 is derived using the base case scenario value from a SOTP valuation methodology.

ICICI Bank - Our price target of Rs 460 is our base case scenario value, derived using a sum-of-the-parts valuation methodology.
IPOs and Rights Issues / HDFC AMC - Stock Review
« Last post by resh on September 21, 2018, 01:58:10 PM »
Here is the Stock Review of HDFC Asset Management Company (AMC) and Target Price as set by Morgan Stanley

HDFC's mutual fund is the second-largest in India based on total assets under management and the largest mutual fund based on equity AUM, both including and excluding ETFs. We forecast a 19% total AAAUM CAGR and a 26% equity AAAUM CAGR over F18-21. We
forecast an 18% EPS CAGR over F18-21 and expect ROAUM/ROE of 0.26%/35% by F21.

HDFC AMC trades at 35x our one-year forward EPS estimate, which looks lofty, but the strong structural growth story along with
our expectation of healthy EPS growth given improving macro conditions in the next three years drives our expectation of further stock
returns over the next 12 months.

The Base Case target Price of Rs 1765 is based on the basis of 35x earnings for Sep-20e EPS. FY 2019 e EPS 41.9 and FY 2020 e EPS RS 44.19.
Sensex and Nifty Company Analysis / Yes Bank - Rana Kapoor Exit - Reviews
« Last post by resh on September 21, 2018, 01:13:01 PM »
Rana Kapoor Founder Chairman of Yes Bank has been asked to Step Down by the RBI. Here are the Analysts Reviews,

Kotak Securities Analysts M B Mahesh, Nischit, Dipanjan and Shrey said,

Ending months of speculation, RBI has declined the highly debated extension of tenor for the current MD and CEO of the bank. This turn of events creates uncertainty and puts the focus on (1) candidates who can take on this challenging role, (2) strategy shift, (3) capital adequacy ratios and (4) potential impact on earnings, especially from corporate banking fees. We capture these uncertainties through a
higher cost of equity, resulting in a cut in target price to Rs 250

IDFC Securities Analysts Mahrukh Adajania and Sanket Chheda

We are cutting our TP to Rs230 from Rs350. Our revised target multiple is 1.5x down from 2.2x earlier. An increase in credit cost to 80bps and a 10bps decline in NII/assets and fees/assets can take the sustainable RoE down to below 14% from 18%. We are downgrading the stock to Underperformer from Neutral. The stock is a top BUY for many brokerages. So it appears that this risk has not been priced in by the street which means that there could be a significant correction in the stock price due to this event.
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