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Goodricke Open Offer - Speculation
« on: March 01, 2014, 09:18:32 PM »
This is an informed Speculation by one of the Most Trusted Man on Dalal Street. This is what he has got to say,

I would suggest traders to go soft on leveraging till Election results which will be around 15th- 16th may. This means 10% rally or fall will happen in MAY 2014. Therefore March and April will be range bound. You should try and invest in good companies. Goodricke posted superb nos beating our estimates. Stock can blast now. There will be chance of open offer as the promoters holding is in excess of 74% if we take into account the holding shown in public category. SEBI guidelines is changing and promoters holding in public category will be re classified soon. On that open offer to banata hai.

Stock has potential value of Rs 1000 on the basis of tea gardens. 45% dividend is cool incentive to buy shares. End of the day you will buy peace by buying NNC stock.