Reliance Natural Resources Fund

Reliance Capital operated AMC, Reliance Mutual Fund of ADAG has launched the first Natural Resources Fund in India. As obtained from the AMC, the objective of the fund is to invest 65-100% in Indian Equities and/or upto 35% in Foreign Equities. The sectors in which the fund is planning to take exposure are as follows,

  • Minerals & Commodities – Copper, Iron-ore, Zinc
  • Precious Metals – Gold, Silver, Diamonds
  • Energy Resources – Coal, Oil, Natural Gas, Uranium, Lignite
  • Non-conventional resources – Air, Water, Solar
  • Agricultural Products – Cotton, Wheat, Corn, Rice, Sugarcane, Bio-Fuels
  • Ancillaries to the above – Component suppliers, Equipment suppliers

The Fund will be benchmarked against BSE-200 and MSCI World Energy Index. It is an open ended fund and new fund offering closes on Jan-30th. Minimum investment is Rs 5,000.