Make in India – Ambitious Move by Narendra Modi

September 26, 2014

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, along with other key ministers, today unveiled the Make in India campaign. Under the campaign the government aims to increase the growth rate in the manufacturing sector in India to 10% y-o-y (-0.1% in FY14) and raise its share to 25% in the overall GDP (around 15%). Key highlights of the campaign are, Read more

Indian Private Banks Should Rally Further – BUY

September 22, 2014

Indian Banking Stocks RallyA Rising Tide Lifts All Boats so it was True with Banking Stocks. Indian banks are up 42% YTD – the key driver being growing confidence in the economy, hence better asset quality.

The first leg is driven by expectations around better asset quality. As tail risk recedes, stocks move sharply to normalized multiples – that has Read more