Why Indian StockMarket Quoting at High P-E ?

We already put out on Twitter that we are booking profits. As against the historical average multiple of 14.7x, the Nifty currently trades at 17.8x i.e, 20% premium. Over the last 10 years, the market has traded above this multiple for only 3% of
trading days.

Earnings growth trend also does not appear to be particularly attractive with earnings revisions still happening on the downside. Hence valuation (more…)

Can PSU Banks Catch Private Peers in Digital Banking ?

private-vs-psu-banks-digital-bankingThe increasing penetration of smartphones and internet availability on these phones coupled with Aadhaar have made onboarding of customers easy for new players and reduced switching cost and transaction time for customers. The stage is, therefore, set for a large scale disruption of the Financial Services industry, both on the liability gathering side (which will largely become cashless) and on the lending side (where loans will become more personalised and smaller).

Analysts are of the view that mobile wallets and payment banks might not be profitable on their own but would be successful as a part of a bigger ecosystem of services and financial services products. In specific, combining mobile wallets / (more…)

Why We Don’t Trust Porinju Veliyath’s Equity Intelligence ?

Breaking News - ExclusiveThe Indian Equity Market Meltdown has exposed some dirty Insider Trading by Promoters of Palred Technologies. Guess Reliance Industries’ CMD & Insider Trader Mukesh Ambani was their role model to look up to but Palred Technologies’ CMD got caught in the hands of SEBI and Mukesh has managed to keep the case subdued.

Ok. Palem Srikanth Reddy of Palred is a Crook as SEBI have caught him Red Handed in Insider Trading Scam but Why don’t we trust the over hyped media savvy Portfolio Management Guru – Porinju Veliyath of Equity Intelligence?

Porinju bought Palred Technologies on (more…)

Credit / Debit Card Penetration Reaches 50% in India

Total Credit Debit Cards in IndiaThis Article is reproduced With Written Permission from CardBhai.Com.

In continuing our tradition to source authentic data and present it to you, we have published the breakup of Debit Card and Credit Cards in circulation in India at the end of Dec 2014. It gives me immense pleasure to state that Total Debit & Credit Card Penetration in India has touched a whopping 520 Million / 52 Crore [1 Crore = 10 Mn] at the end of 2014, half the size of Indian population, still less than the 97 crore mobile connections India has.

The Following Chart Shows the (more…)

ITC Cigarette Business – End of An Era

ITC GoldFlakeUnlike the previous Corrupt Regime of Congress, the present BJP Govt is highly determined on preserving the Health of the Nation and took another bold with hawkish stance on cigarettes which saw another double digit excise hike.

The budget has raised excise duty on cigarettes by 12-22% implying a ~14% effective hike for ITC, ahead of our as well as consensus’ estimates. This is fourth consecutive double digit hike and in fact, comes on top of ~20% hike in Jul-14. The budget (more…)

India’s Battlefield Management System Contracts Awarded

Military Projects Action in the defence sector continues to gain momentum. The latest being the Ministry of Defence selecting a consortia of 2 developers to develop Battlefield Management System (BMS) worth INR 500bn. The BMS project is categorised under the Make in India category and will be one of the largest defence solutions to be manufactured indigenously. It is a (more…)

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