How HDFC Flexi Cap Fund of Prashant Jain Underperforms in Raging Bull Market ?

HDFC Mutual Fund is among the Top 3 Aseet Management Companies in India on the basis of AUM and not on the basis of performance of schemes it manages. In 2018, I stopped investing in HDFC Funds and started redeeming. Today I would like to highlight how HDFC Flexi Cap (erstwhile HDFC Equity Fund) managed by the legendary Fund Manager, Prahsant Jain under-performed even in a raging Bull Market, while he continues to draw Salary in excess of Rs 6 Crore YoY (ESOP Additionally given, I don’t know about that).

I shifted my investments to FlexiCap Funds in PPFAS, PGIM and DSP with redemption from HDFC. It is well known fact that the problem with Prashant Jain is he BUYs a Scrip and (more…)

How to Choose & Invest in Mutual Funds the Right Way ?

I’m assuming you’ve made up your mind to create long term wealth by using mutual fund as a savings instrument. Sure, MFs are supposed to be professionally managed as Indian Capital Market has had a very bad history of cheaters raising money and committing all sorts of fraud (business loss, fraud, regulation, etc). By entrusting your money with professional fund managers who are paid salary in crores, you expect them to mitigate the risk and generate RoI beating the SENSEX / NIFTY returns by at least 2% in the long run. By Mutual Fund investing, you avoid single company risk as you’ll hold a basket of stocks.

I Follow these Rules and (more…)

How to Get More Returns in Mutual Fund SIP with Swing Strategy ?

The Economic Policy Paralysis which started during the Dr Manmohan Singh Government has continued into the Narendra Modi government as well due to vested interests of Politicians and small individual investors like you and me have suffered.

Personally, sick and tired of HDFC Mutual Fund poor performance over the last few years, started exiting in 2018 as disclosed here. I always knew that one earns more only when one books profits, as business always involves 2 components buying and selling. For long however, Distributors and IFAs greedy for their own commission have always made us only invest without asking to book profits. Thus all these factors led to take the (more…)

What is Prashant Jain & Other HDFC Fund Manager’s Pay / Remuneration ?

HDFC Fund Managers RemunerationIn Jan-2016, we decided to check on the remuneration the HDFC Mutual Fund Managers draw. However, our research met dead end due to non disclosure by the Asset Management Company. However, we took a wild guess on what could top Fund Manager Prashant Jain’s Pay. And we were Right in guessing the numbers 🙂

After heated discussion with SEBI, HDFC Mutual Fund and all other AMCs were forced to Disclose the Fund Manager’s Pay / Remuneration. Here is what HDFC AMC disclosed for FY 2015-16. All Figures in INR Lakhs for FY 2015-16

Milind Barve – 625.09 – He is the Managing Director of (more…)

Retail Indian Investors Back to Share Market via Mutual Funds

The Retail Indian Investors is back into the Share Market after a gap of 6 years after their tryst with Real estate & Gold appeared to have given lesser returns than the Equities.

Increased participation of retail investors through Mutual Funds [MF] rather than direct equity purchases is an encouraging development as it is the Fund Managers job to manage your Hard Earned money at a cost of say around 2% which is worth it. Didn’t we (more…)

DSB 10 Year MoM Rolling IRR for HDFC Mutual Funds

Breaking News - ExclusiveThis Article is a Must Read for everybody as we introduce a new benchmark of calculating 10 Year SIP Returns –

DalalStreet.Biz [DSB] 10 Year Rolling MoM Internal Rate of Return for Mutual Funds in India

We started off with 5 of the Top Performing Funds which we recommended 11 years ago.

Since we posted just on twitter a year ago about our new methodology of researching mutual funds, I’m sure most of you must have (more…)

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