Industrial Slowdown Inveitable – Political Epicenter Shaken – Voices in Delhi

For the time being, Policy Makers in Europe have diffused the crisis with $1.4 trillion rescue package which is totally non-credible in my view since they don’;t detail on who would finance such a package. It is a bit alarming regarding the Governance Deficit and Policy Paralysis in India which may deteriorate further.

Voice of Delhi’s Political¬† & Economic Analysts
In my experience as a Sr. Analyst, I’ll say that the Top Indian Industrialists have the best information about the ongoing developments in Political and Offices of Policy Makers. The next (more…)

What does SB Account Interest Rate De-Regulation Means ?

RBI, in a surprise move, has finally deregulated the savings interest rates. RBI also highlights that India is amongst few economies where savings rate are still administered and that deregulation experience in other market has been favourable.

For Consumer – this means that Banks in India are free to offer higher interest rates on customers’ Savings Bank Accounts / SB Accounts. Until now they offered a fixed Interest Rate of something between 3% to 4%. (more…)

India’s GDP Dilemma – Ambit Cuts FY13 to 6.2%

Ambit Capital known for publishing a Bold report on how the Government was Paralyzed and things would come to a standstill even before FIIs began to Sell has not cut India’s GDP Growth estimate for FY 2013 to mere 6.2%, lower than 2008 crisis level where India witnessed a growth of 6.8%. Consensus GDP is still at 8.0% but will likely be downgraded.

Ambit is concerned about the sovereign debt growing at a much faster pace than nominal GDP in that region points to (more…)

Government Unable to Tackle Inflation – 9.72%

It is now evident from Inflation numbers that the Government is Unable to tackle the Inflation and the key question is does anybody in the Government is Concerned at all ? Indian Inflation in September – 2011 is at 9.72%. Going forward, we expect inflation to remain elevated at 9%+ for the next 2-3 months before coming off to 8% and nothing lower than that, unless the (more…)