Congress U-Turn From Policies to Populist Measures – Fiscal Deficit + Economy – We Don’t Care!!!

The year was 1991 a man was determined to change India’s Fortunes. He probably knew more than anybody else about the Economy and the State Finances and thus was put in-charge as Cabinet Minister of Finance and the scholar who assumed responsibility was none other than our honorable PM Dr Manmohan Singh.

However, in 20 years, things have changed a lot. Dr. Singh known as the Architect of Liberalization and Economic Policies is now a Puppet of Populist measures and a mute spectator to (more…)

Congress / UPA Government’s Populist Schemes to Destroy Economy – Driving Italian Way ?

The Congress Government headed by DR Manmohan Singh is likely to crash land the Indian Economy. DEsperate to preserve the lost battle for Larges Ever Scams in the history of India, Government is unveiling Populist Measures. But where is the Money to fund the same ? Is the remotely controlled PM Driving the economy Italian Way to Crisis & Defaults ?

Forget the Food Security Bill which will burden the State Exchequer by an additional $10 Bn. Market Insiders who stay in touch with Power-brokers in New Delhi have heard that payments on rural loans have stopped being made because (more…)

What are the Factors Affecting Indian Market ?

Over the past few months or almost a year now, the investment climate in India is certainly not in favor of Equities. Here is complete analysis on the top 5 issues affecting Investors caught in tight position from committing more funds to our Economy.

Scam Ridden GovernmentThe damage has been done, but recent flip-flop on FDI in pension funds, Insurance, Retail and power tariff revisions suggest that the bad news is coming to an end but the Politics of India’s Largest State Uttar Pradesh is making the (more…)

Government Trying to get Out of Paralysis

For the past few months we hardly posted anything on this site except few tweets recommending to BUY Blue Chips when the Market Dips. Good News!!!. Last weekend Group of Ministers held a session in Mumbai to send feelers that Government is doing everything it can to get the Economy moving. We don’t believe them. Dalal Street Analysts flew to Delhi and spoke to Economic Advisors to the PM and lobbyists in Delhi who point to a clear unfreezing of the paralysis which had gripped the Government over the 6 months.

Five Major Areas where the Government is Determined to Move ahead are, (more…)

Industrial Slowdown Inveitable – Political Epicenter Shaken – Voices in Delhi

For the time being, Policy Makers in Europe have diffused the crisis with $1.4 trillion rescue package which is totally non-credible in my view since they don’;t detail on who would finance such a package. It is a bit alarming regarding the Governance Deficit and Policy Paralysis in India which may deteriorate further.

Voice of Delhi’s PoliticalĀ  & Economic Analysts
In my experience as a Sr. Analyst, I’ll say that the Top Indian Industrialists have the best information about the ongoing developments in Political and Offices of Policy Makers. The next (more…)

What does SB Account Interest Rate De-Regulation Means ?

RBI, in a surprise move, has finally deregulated the savings interest rates. RBI also highlights that India is amongst few economies where savings rate are still administered and that deregulation experience in other market has been favourable.

For Consumer – this means that Banks in India are free to offer higher interest rates on customers’ Savings Bank Accounts / SB Accounts. Until now they offered a fixed Interest Rate of something between 3% to 4%. (more…)

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