What is the Basis of Allotment for New IPOs – CARE Ratings, Bharti Infratel, etc for Retail Investors?

The Controversial Regulator of Indian Securities Market, SEBI on the 16th of August passed an order which will affect the Basis of Allotment in the Retail Individual Bidders Category. The SEBI Order said,

With a view to increase the reach of IPOs to investors (more…)

Which Indian Stocks to BUY for Long Term ? How to Choose ?

The Indian Equity Market is just 10% below its all time high of 21,000. Goldman Sachs has already upgraded India to OVERWEIGHT with a NIFTY target of 6,600, which is 5% higher than the previous all time high. If you’ve invested in a Diversified Portfolio of Blue Chips [Nifty / Sensex] stocks, hold them tight as they lead the rally. What next can we do about the CASH we are earning month over month ? It doesn’t make sense to keep BUYING the overheated ones but it takes a little research to identify the next horse which can win the jackpot.

The Theory NIFTY / SENSEX / MegaCap Stocks – Already Appreciated (more…)

Madhusudan Kela – Reliance Mutual Fund, CIO’s message

We present to you the view of Madhusudhan Kela, Sr. Fund Manager and Chief Investment / strategist Officer with Reliance Capital Asset Management company on the occasion of Diwali.

Once again, as the biggest and the brightest Hindu festival, Diwali, is upon us, it is indeed a time for introspection, celebration of life and its gifts. [Skippng some Paragraphs Related to Religious References..]

Just think, last Dec, investors had started (more…)

HDFC Top 200, Equity Funds – Review + What Next ?

If you’ve been a reader of our Site, then you all know we first recommended investment in HDFC Mutual Funds way back in 2003 and since then have been advising to stick to SIPs with Top-Ups during Market Crashes. Let us analyze what our SIPs have actually given us in Returns with the market going nowhere in the last 30 Months. [Sensex 17,527 March-2010]

HDFC Top 200 Fund Review
This the Largest Equity Fund in India which has grown organically over 15 years and has Assets Under Management around Rs 11,000 Cr. In the last 10 years / 5 years period, the fund has consistently beaten benchmarks. However, returns in a longer duration i.e since inception has tapered off from 28.33% in March-2010 to just 23.49% in Sept-2012 as shown below. (more…)

RBI May go for CRR Cut Vs Interest Rates

The Finance Minister thinks he has done enough for the RBI to go ahead with the Rate Cuts. However, we think not as Inflation Data reflects that Government is still under crisis and is just managing the Press / Media phenomenally well.

RBI Gov Subbarao will likely not want to take to take chances with the RBI’s inflation fighting image by cutting rates as inflation will persist at a high 7.5-8% till December. CRR cuts, (more…)

Narendra Modi Puts Gujarat on the Stupendous Growth Highway – Delhi / Maharashtra A Shame

In the last decade of being the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi accelerated the already progressive state of Gujarat to put it on the growth curve which no other state – Delhi or Mahrashtra with massive support from Central Government can match.

Industries in Gujarat
Gujarat has bucked overall trend of depending on Agriculture and industry still accounting for 40% of GSDP vis-a-vis 27% for India. Gujarat also scores well when compared to other industrialized states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, which have been witnessing fall in share (more…)

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