Narendra Modi Puts Gujarat on the Stupendous Growth Highway – Delhi / Maharashtra A Shame

In the last decade of being the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi accelerated the already progressive state of Gujarat to put it on the growth curve which no other state – Delhi or Mahrashtra with massive support from Central Government can match.

Industries in Gujarat
Gujarat has bucked overall trend of depending on Agriculture and industry still accounting for 40% of GSDP vis-a-vis 27% for India. Gujarat also scores well when compared to other industrialized states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, which have been witnessing fall in share of industry in overall GSDP. Gujarat’s industry GDP contribution to national industry GDP has increased from 8-8.5% in FY01 to 11-11.5% in FY11.

Agriculture from Gujarat
Gujarat has doubled its agriculture GDP contribution to national agriculture GDP over the past 10 years. 13% of Gujarat’s GSDP is from agriculture – significantly higher than industrialized states like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Gujarat has steadily increased its yield in food grains from 827kgs/hectare (51% of national average) in FY01 to 1845kgs/hectare (96% of national average) in FY11.

Central Government Treating Mr. Modi’s Government as an Untouchable by not Providing Enough Funds
The State’s Own tax revenue/ total tax revenue for Gujarat is one of the highest at 84%. Share of central taxes and grants from the centre account for less than 30% of overall revenue receipts for the state.

What is Modi’s Magic Touch ?
Gujarat is one of the best states in terms of improved governance in the past decade within the developed states. Modi is Prudent in Spending, unlike trends at national level, nature of development expenditure has not undergone a change for Gujarat and spending in education and medical is not replaced by increased spending in social security and welfare.

Results are visible with superior growth in state’s literacy levels, per capita income, drinking water and sanitation facilities. Some of the less developed states are albeit witnessing faster improvement but that is because of low base effect.

Compiling Data form various Departments and Regulators, here is how Gujarat Looks at a Glance,
Literacy rate: 79%
FY11 GSDP: Rs3,598bn
Agri GSDP: 13%
Industry GSDP: 41%
Service GSDP: 46%
Credit-deposit ratio: 67%
Fiscal deficit: Just 3% of GSDP. India’s Fiscal Deficit is like 6%, thanks to mis-management by Mr. Pranab Mukherjee and P. Chaidambaram.

We wish Hon’ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh setting aside is Arrogance and Ego had taken some advise from Mr. Modi on how to run the Government, but you know what kind of Governance Dr. Singh has delivered.

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