Gold Can Threaten SENSEX But Not Our Recommendations of Equity Basket

For a minute even I was surprised as I saw the report of Gold beating SENSEX as I had a quick glance on the table of Jr. Analyst. However, it is well known fact that our Recommendation of Equity Basket has outperformed the Gold in 15 year period. We have to prove the same else get our office decorated with Eggs and Rotten Vegetables 🙂

You all know that we have recommended investments in HDFC Top 200 Fund, HDFC Equity Fund, HDFC Tax Saver Fund, Reliance Growth Fund etc. Let us see their (more…)

Gold Threatening to Displace Equities in 15 Year Analysis

It is well known fact that Indian consumers hold over $1 Trillion Worth of Gold. Their fascination for Gold is never ending. However, this has been a blessing in disguise as volatility in global economy increased and Gold became the unspoken currency standard for Trade. It is surprising to know that Gold is threatening to displace Equities as the Best Asset Class even in Longer Periods such as 10 Years and 15 Years.

Gold has outperformed other asset classes (more…)

20 years of Liberalisation – Think Out of the Box for Indian Economy

The last few months we have seldom posted here except asking investors to stick to Large Caps during Blood Bath. The Goal of this Publication is to create long term wealth by means of investing in Equities and Related Instruments. Indian Liberalised Economy is now 2 decades old and Policies Matter a Lot. Hence this Brief Insight from our twenty plus years of experience on Dalal Street 🙂

How India was Run by Her Politicians ?
The old way of running India involved holding back expenditures in the initial years post General Elections and administering a blast of public expenditures in the pre-general election financial year. This model could (more…)

India Inflation – Headline down – Core still inching up

Headline WPI inflation in December decelerated sharply to 7.47% from 9.11% in November, the softest print since December 2009. The headline print was lower on account of a favorable base and sharp decline in food inflation (down 3.1% m-o-m). However, demand side price pressures continues to persist as reflected in the 0.6% m-o-m rise in manufactured products inflation to 7.41%.

Manufactured products inflation showed little (more…)