Impact Analysis of Petrol / Diesel Price Hike on Indian Economy

Indian oil companies will raise gasoline (petrol) prices by INR 7.5 per litre or 11-12% at the retail level, effective midnight tonight. Petrol has a weight of 1.1% in the wholesale price index (WPI) and this increase will raise the headline WPI inflation rate by around 20bp. Since petrol prices are technically decontrolled, the hike will not impact the fiscal subsidy bill.

Given that price adjustment by the oil marketing companies (more…)

Why Indians Got Petrol Shock ? Bad Governance by Congress Govt’s Dr Singh + Pranab

Today we all Indians woke up to the Petrol Shock, highest since 1947 – A steep 10% Hike in petrol price. Most of you must be wondering when the Crude Oil Prices are relatively stable why do we have to pay an extra 10% for Petrol ? The answer is simple, the Bad Governance and Policies of Congress led UPA Government and we do not hesitate to directly hold Dr Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee for this Shock. (more…)

Mr FM Pranab – How many more Monsoons do you need to Cool WPI ?

India’s headline inflation rate (Wholesale Price Index, WPI) accelerated to 7.23% YoY in April 2012, compared to 6.89% YoY in March 2012. The acceleration in headline inflation was driven by higher food inflation, which was in turn driven by higher prices of vegetables and oilseeds. The final inflation data for February 2012, was revised higher to 7.36% YoY from 6.95% YoY reported earlier.

Food articles moved substantially higher to 10.5% from 9.9% last month, due to an upturn in vegetables, pulses, and cereals. Manufactured FOOD prices edged higher to 6.5% in April from 5.9% the previous month.

Non-Food Articles were back (more…)

FIIs India Equity Strategy – GAAR / Tax Issues / Policy Paralysis

After Deepak Parekh’s return from Singapore, many Indian brokerage houses sent their Equity Chiefs to Global Financial Centers – London, New York, etc to engage their Foreign Clients. Here is the outcome of the meeting of Equity Strategists on Indian Markets.

FIIs are still very interested in the India Growth Story, but are fed with the Policy Paralysis. Moreover, they can’t understand how the Indian petty political system can deliver (more…)

Samvardhan​a Motherson Finance Ltd – SMFL Review + Recommendations

Samvardhan​a Motherson Finance Ltd – SMFL is open for Subscription from Today until May-4th. WE are AVOIDING the IPO even though their is a Grey Market Price of Rs 2400 for a Rs 2 Lakh Application. Here are the various Views of Research Analysts who have studied the IPO.

At the lower end of the band, on a trailing basis, without considering the impact of the upcoming dilution, (more…)