Indian Economy to Recover Post-Polls – Merrill

Indian Economic RecoveryBOFA Merrill Hosted an Investor Conference with Nine Top Government Officials and they are of the opinion that Delhi is trying to recover lost ground by compressing twin deficits, undertaking reforms and fast tracking project clearances. The benefits of these initiatives should show in 2-3 years, in their view.

Polls: Political punditry concur with opinion polls that show the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance overtaking the ruling Congress-led United Progressive Alliance. At the (more…)

A Decade of Economic Destruction by Corrupt Congress led UPA

Breaking NewsWe have received e-mails from readers who do not know much Indian Economy and wondering why their Investment in Indian Equity has not yielded much ? We’d like to enlighten them in this article.

Over FY1994-97, average GDP growth was 7.5% but this led to companies piling up debt and the period of high growth came to a crashing halt with the Asian crisis in 1997. This was followed by six lean years of FY1997-2003. Over FY2003-11, average GDP growth was 8.5%, which led to companies (more…)

Corrupt Paralyzed Congress Led UPA Government Destroy PSU Banks

Just like Bad Parents destroy the Family, so has the Bad and Corrupt Congress led politicians in the UPA Government which have been lying there in the state of paralysis without taking any decisions for the betterment of the Indian Economy.

The Financial health of India Inc. continues to deteriorate and, in 3Q, our sample of 3,700 companies witnessed a further increase in share of debt with companies. Share of infra and metals (more…)

Jagdish Bhagwati & Arvind Panagariya – Write Economic Policies of Narendra Modi

Two star economists with a free market bent – Jagdish Bhagwati and Arvind Panagariya – appear to be the intellectual godfathers of Progressive BJP led NDA’s forthcoming election manifesto. These gents have published a book in 2013 – India’s Tryst with Destiny – in which they have criticized the UPA’s redistributive policies (Food Security Act, NREGA, etc), declared their fondness for the “Gujarat model” and advocated an economic renewal program centred on cutting universal subsidies, reviving spend on infrastructure, reforming India’s antiquated labour laws and reforming the country’s higher education system.

Both professors have steadfastly supported Narendra Modi in the domestic and international press. Whilst they deny having any official role (more…)