Dayim – Punj Lloyd Construction secures first order

Dayim Punj Lloyd Construction Contracting company, a joint venture company of Punj Lloyd, a global EPC services provider in energy and infrastructure domains, has secured its first order from Saudi Kayan Petrochemical company (SABIC) in KSA. The EPC value of the contract is US $ 79 million.

Under the contract, Dayim Punj Lloyd, on EPC basis, will construct 8 tanks for DM Water, Fire / Service Water, MEG and crude storage and one sphere for mixed butanes storage for offsite and utility of saudi kayan petrochemical complex at Jubail Industrial city, KS.

The major highlights of the project will be blast overpressure design for 5 tanks, FEA analysis for large bore nozzles for two tanks. Dayim Punj Lloyd will be constructing the largest tank – 71 dia x 18M high, cone roof carbon steel apart from three tanks of stainless steel 304L, max size 40.5M dia x 18 M high, cone roof. The work is scheduled to be completed by January 2009.

Dayim Punj Lloyd was formed with the joint venture of the company with His Royal Highness Prince Khalid Bin Bandar Bin Sultan (KBS), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in May 2006. Formed to identify new business opportunities in Saudi Arabia, it will serve as a powerful vehicle for both companies to expand roles in Saudi Arabia by offering the best of each company’s expertise and a dedicated service and support organization. Dayim Punj Lloyd is a jointly owned company in which the Punj Lloyds has 49% stake.