Infotech Enterprises Alliance With Boeing

Infotech Enterprises has announced that Infotech Enterprises America, (Infotech), a global geospatial and engineering consulting and professional services firm has formed a strategic alliance partnership with Continental DataGraphics (CDG), a subsidiary of the boeing company.

The alliance with Infotech will also enable CDG to be more responsive to growing demands from its customers to develop and deliver new solution offerings in an accelerated timeframe. CDG is proactively developing new strategic partnerships with companies such as Infotech to further globalize its business and to actively seek out opportunities for growth in a broader marketplace.

CDG specializes in the creation, production, and distribution of complex engineering publications. Its comprehensive services include technical authoring and illustration services, digital imaging, and hosted portal services supporting multiple market segments in the United States and Europe, including aviation, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, energy and government. CDG has developed complex technical and engineering publications for Boeing aircraft and other heavy equipment manufacturers for many decades.