Is Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Petroleum headed for another Record ?

The new Reliance Petroleum has set a blistering pace on all implementation fronts and achieved over 70% overall progress in implementation of its large and complex refinery, coming up in a special economic zone at Jamnagar. Based on the progress made till date, in the engineering, procurement and construction activities, RPL expects to complete the project ahead of December 2008.

Procurement and contracting for equipments, tagged items and bulk materials is now complete. There is a barrage of equipment deliveries at site, with over 1,000 equipments, including several critical and long lead heavy equipments delivered during the quarter alone. With this, over 50% of all equipments / tagged items required for the project have already been received at site. Nearly all the bulk materials, including pipes and fittings for the project as well as substantial part of electrical and instrumentation bulks have also been delivered at site.

The construction activities have also peaked with aggregate volume of concrete poured at the project site crossing the 1.5 million cubic meter mark during the quarter. Most of the civil work is complete. This has enabled structural steel / pipe erection and equipment installation activities to progress rapidly as well. Over 20% of equipments are installed and over 40% of project scope for pipe laying and erection is complete. Underground piping is nearing close out. Nearly 75% of structural steel fabrication, 85% of tankage fabrication and over 60% of pipe fabrication work has also been completed.