Kavveri Telecom acquires Til-Tek and DCI

Kaveri Telecom Products has acquired Til-Tek and DCI, two US companies during the last one year. Til-Tek is a leader in antennas and DCI in RF products and filters. The company has now acquired technology, intellectual property rights (IPR) and patents for base station antennas of erstwhile Sigma wireless, Ireland from PCTEL, Chicago, USA. With this acquisition, the company now has the capability to manufacture base station antennas incorporating the latest technologies on par with the best in the world. Both Indian and global customers would be addressed by the company in this area. This acquisition also gives the company access to customers and vendors of Sigma wireless in Europe. The acquisition also brings into the company’s fold seven international patents.

The company is poised for a 100% growth over last year and has already started building infrastructure in line with the projected growth over the next three years.