Amtek Auto Acquires Triplex- Ketlon

Amtek Auto has acquired one of the largest automotive precision machining companies Triplex- Ketlon Group, which was also Amtek’s strongest competitor running close to 185 different machining lines and a multi-location presence in the UK. Triplex-Ketlon manufacturing facilities are located in Paddock Wood, Stratford-upon-Avon and Hereford all in UK.

At sales revenue of $152 million per annum, Triplex-Ketlon was one of UK’s large but independent precision machining companies. This acquisition further consolidates the position of Amtek presence in Europe’s automotive scene and makes Amtek’s combined precision machining operations the largest in the UK and probably one of the largest in Europe as well.

This acquisition comes as an expansion for Amtek’s precision machining operations, which currently comprises of two large precision machining facilities in Coventry and Letchworth in the UK besides their machining operations in India and Germany.

This acquisition will be another milestone for the Amtek Group and a step forward in direction of consolidating its customer and product portfolio as well as attaining world class technological edge in automotive manufacturing.