TCS + Sony Pictures Sign SoA Deal

Tata Consultancy Services has signed an agreement with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. to develop and deploy service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions that allow Sony and its customers to better use all of its IT assets to advance their business goals. Based on industry best practices, the SOA solutions combine a set of best-of-breed technologies, tools, patterns and standards from Sony Pictures, TCS and BEA Systems to help enterprise organizations align business functions for greater flexibility and efficiency.

Sony Pictures and TCS have created a world class SOA framework that enables enterprise organizations to quickly sense and respond to changing market conditions. Centered on the deployment of reusable and network-aware applications, the SOA framework leverages key business assets within and beyond enterprise boundaries, with interoperability, independent of platforms, languages and protocols. The framework benefits enterprise organizations across various industry verticals including media & entertainment, insurance, banking, retail, financial services and manufacturing.