Addressing the Market Liquidity

Last week apart from raising interest rates on Foreign Currency Deposits, the RBI also took a some more measures. Permitting back to access the Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF) to the extent of 1% of net demand and time liabilities which amounts to an indirect reduction in the SLR and conducting the LAF twice daily. Over the week, the RBI injected liquidity to the tune of Rs 655bn.

RBI has sufficient ammunition to minimize the impact of the financial turmoil on the real economy. Tools include – The un-wind of the market stabilization bonds where the o/s amount is currently Rs1.8trillion. Domestic savings, which are currently at 34.8% of GDP is an additional cushion of liquidity.

India is not insulated from the current turmoil. However, the direct impact is limited and would depend on timely policy response in areas such as easing capital account norms and reduction in SLR/CRR to ensure that adequate credit is available for the real economy.