Orchid – Merck drug discovery Insight

Orchid Research Laboratories (i.e. ORLL – the wholly-owned drug discovery subsidiary of Orchid) and Merck will work to identify and develop novel antibacterial and anti fungal compounds as clinically validated drug candidates. Orchid will undertake discovery and candidate development through Phase IIa human clinical trials. Merck will conduct late-stage clinical development and commercialization if regulatory approval is granted.

Orchid will get an undisclosed upfront sum, and is eligible to receive payments totaling more than US$100 million associated with the achievement of various research and development milestones.

The collaborative pact with Merck – a global innovator, is an landmark achievement for Orchid’s research arm as it had been undertaking efforts to secure business alliances with pharmaceutical multinational corporations. So far as ORLL is concerned, its been developing its pipeline of new chemical entities (NCEs) in the fields of oncology, inflammation, diabetes and anti-infectives.