Forrester Report on Satyam’s Innovation

Satyam Computer Services Ltd, a Leading global consulting and information technology services provider, announced today that Forrester Research, Inc., has published an independent report on its innovation strategy, and calls for other organizations to “emulate Satyam by unleashing and harnessing their firms grassroots creative energy“.

The report, “Satyam ignites Innovation from the Bottom Up (Forrester Research, Dec 18, 2008), is the ninth such paper in the research firm’s series entitled ?India: The Innovation Giant (Re) Awakens.

It notes that while other professional services organizations create external innovation networks, Satyam first innovates from within. Highlights of Satyam’s innovation programs, which are led by Venky Rao, senior vice president of innovation and leadership, include Cultivating an innovation network from the inside out, starting with employees and marrying innovation management training with leadership development.

The paper highlights four programs Satyam operates to foster innovation. They include:

  • I-DNA, 10 to 15 people (from the same business or different functions) who collaboratively generate new ideas for improving existing products, services, and processes, or identify whole new business opportunities
  • Ideation, responsible for turning that idea into reality or finding a solution to that FLCL’s problem.
  • IdeaJunction, a crowd sourcing site invites ideas from anyone in the Company on a variety of topics, ranging from HR policies to new business models.
  • Intellectual assets, the enablement team converting an idea… it a valuable intellectual asset for Satyam.