RIL Vs RNRL Judgement – Live Coverage

T Sathasivam
MoU is not Legally Binding, However it can be interpreted accordingly. Government Owns the Gas till it reaches the consumer.

RIL and RNRL to renegotiate production Sharing Contract within 6 weeks. Submit it to Company’s Court and the court must come out with an order within 8 weeks.

Other Two Justices are yet to rule as it was 3 bench.Guess it was final verdict as it was signed by Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan.

Renegotiate within the Ambit of the Government Policy says the Judgment.
Our Comment:The Oil and Petroleum ministry is in the pockets of Mukesh Ambani and it is unlikely that Anil Ambani will get justice he is seeking.

Markets Sell off Reliance ADAG Group Stocks

Supreme Court 3 Judge Bench rule 2:1 in Favor of RIL & Mukesh Ambani.

ADAG Group Stocks Hammered Badly on Stock Exchanges

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