Pyramid Saimira Theatres – New Business Initiatives

Pyramid Saimira Theaters Ltd [PSTL] which hopes to be the largest Theater Chain operator in the world has set some ambitious plans with new business tactics to make the best use of its resources. PSTL operates 402 screens in 340 cities in India.
PSTL hopes to have 700,000 seats by the end of this year thus beating World’s Number One Theater chain, Regal which has 600,000 seats.

PSTL’s new Business Initiatives are as follows,

  • Let teachers take private tuitions in their premises because until afternoon their are no shows scheduled. They expect students to BUY Coffee and Snacks which will aid their bottomline.
  • Sell subscriptions instead of tickets. Instead of buying ticket per film, consumers can BUY monthly subscriptions – Rs 100 or so. They will be given a bio-metirc identity card which can be used in any PSTL theater. Ofcourse for peak hour shows you have to make a reservation calling their call center. PSTL will profile consumer habits and then will sell that database to Advertising and Marketing agencies.
  • PSTL is in talks with a Match Making agency to setup retail outlets in its theaters.
  • It is also exploring other retail initiatives on its premises.
  • PSTL’s immediate goal is to eliminate the middlemen – distributors and establish their presence in both film production and exhibition.

Way to go PSTL. Now their are copycats in the Ambani camp who are all set to copy this idea and tune it to suit their business.