India Inflation Data Constituents

Reading this First HereLike most of our readers I was also curious to figure out the constituents of the Indian Inflation Data. Finally I got to know what are the constituents of the Indian Inflation data and I thought I’ll share with our readers here. Due to lack of correct data, analyzing and calculating the same is beyond the scope of this article.

Food and Non-Food Articles in Inflation Index:
Food and Non-Food Articles in Indian InflationFuel Power Light & Lubricants:Manufactured – Food, Wood, Paper, Leather, Beverages and Textiles:
Manufactured Products in Indian Inflation IndexManufactured – Rubber, Chemicals, Non Metallic and basic Metals:
Manufactured – Machinery and Transport Equipments:

The official Wholesale Price Index for All Commodities (Base: 1993-94 = 100) If any of you can prepare a spreadsheet and the necessary formulas to calculate, I’ll try to get someone survey and fill the values for the commodities and thus we can have city wise inflation data 🙂