Info Edge India IPO subscribed by 55 Times

The Naukri.Com IPO is finally over.
Total Issue Size : 5323851
Total Bids Received at Cut-off Price: 16110180
No. of times issue is subscribed: 54.77

Retail Individual Investors portion subscribed by 12.2133

Employyes of Info Edge India don’t have confidence in their own company and issue was UNDERSCRIBED in employee portion. Just 0.1141%

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2 thoughts on “Info Edge India IPO subscribed by 55 Times

  1. Look here, even TechMahindra portion was hardly subscribed my employees(considering they are IT employees who will have better salaries then Naukri counterparts)..comparing with retail and QIB portion. Just because you have given recommendtion to avoid does not mean that later on you highlight the only thing wrong with the subscription figures(low employee participation), you could have equally highlighted the high QIB subscription. We can wait and watch, I applied and got 20 shares..I expecting good listing gains, I mean how much of a downside could be there for 320*20 = 6400Rs… 6400 at the maximum 😉 happy investing..

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