Race for the Public Money – Eros + Career Point + Ramky + Orient etc

Let me quench our faithful readers thirst first – Yes! undoubtedly all the IPOs are fully priced on the basis of fundamentals. However, don’t be under the impression that there is very little left little on the table for investors wanting to make a quick buck on listing, you still can, look at the Grey Market Premiums – Safest Way is to SELL your application in Grey Market.

Now have you ever wondered why the 15 year High Rush to raise funds ? We should be thankful to SEBI. I had written in the past on why companies going Public don’t include the results of latest financial quarter ? SEBI has listened to our advise and has ordered that companies going for IPO have to declare results for the latest quarter, at the most they can trail by 1 quarter. So if you are to raise money in Sept, you have to have your March results published. If you are raising money in Oct, your June results must be published.

With June-10, results of majority of companies being bad, they decided lets raise the money while they can and hence this mad rush, which is at a 15 year high 🙂

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