Sundaram BNP Paribas Energy + ICICI Prudential Real Estate Securities Fund

Sundaram BNP Paribas Energy Opportunities Fund:

NFO Opens On: 12th November 2007
NFO Closing Date:11th December 2007
Fund Category: Close-ended equity scheme
Details: A three-year close-ended fund.
Investment Objective: A three-year close-ended fund. The fund will invest in shares of energy and energy related companies

ICICI Prudential Real Estate Securities Fund

NFO Opens On: 15th November 2007
NFO Closing Date: 14th December 2007
Category: Close Ended Debt Scheme
Details: 3 Year close-ended debt fund
Investment Objective : To generate income through investment in debt securities maturing in line with the maturity of the scheme. Will invest in companies that are associated with or benefiting directly or indirectly from, the real estate sector. The secondary objective is to generate long-term capital appreciation through investments in equity or equity-related securities of such companies. We recommend our investors to AVOID ICICI Prudential Real Estate Fund.