HSBC Emerging Markets Fund

With the Indian Government opening gates for Indian investors to invest in securities abroad, we have seen AMCs hitting the market with International Opportunities Fund, Emerging market Funds etc.

HSBC Emerging Markets Fund (HEMF) is an open-ended scheme seeking to provide long-term capital growth by investing in emerging economies the world over. The fund would invest both within and outside India, in equity and equity related instruments, share classes and units/securities issued by overseas mutual funds or unit trusts. Outside India, the fund would focus on emerging economies such as Brazil, South Africa, China, Russia, etc.

Diversification across various emerging markets sounds like a great idea. However, you need to take the SIP route for maximum benefit and I am wondering how can you manage several SIPs ? If you can spare at least an additional Rs 3,000 / month, then we recommend you to go for it else, focus on existing SIPs.

NFO – Open. Closes on 25th February
Initial Min. Investment – Rs 10,000
SIP – Available and Recommended. Opt for Growth.

The fund is not for short-term nor medium-term investors with a horizon of less than 5 years.