How does the Mutual Fund Industry Look Like ?

Total AUM at INR 7.75 tn; assets worth INR 1.47 tn added in October with mere INR 1.92 tn Equity AUM; dipped INR 0.10 tn (down 5%) M-o-M. The ratio of large-cap AUMs to mid-cap AUMs was at 0.83 in October versus 0.85 in September.

Large-cap funds have increased exposure to banking, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, engineering, and reduced it in oil & gas , IT, telecom and cement. Banking seems to be a favourite among large-cap funds.

Mid-cap funds have increased exposure to pharmaceuticals, metals, FMCG and auto, and reduced it in banking, IT, telecom, oil & gas, and cements.

Mutual funds saw an outflow of INR 21.50 bn (net of NFOs + existing schemes – redemption) in October. Net flows have remained negative for third month in a row.

At the end of October-09, Kotak Fund Managers held the highest cash at 20% of AUM followed by Reliance 13%, ICICI and Franklin Templeton 10%. HDFC has the least CASH on Hand amongst the top funds, at 5%.