Motilal Oswal Picks from Large + Mid Caps

Here are the top picks from Motilal Oswal In large Cap, MidCap and Small Cap.
Large Cap:
Tata Steel: Banking on rising steel prices. Trading at EV/EBITDA of 4.4 and P/E of 5.8 for FY09.

Bharti Airtel:Undisputed leader in Indian wireless. Trading at EV/EBITDA 10.7 and a P/E of 19 for FY09 earnings.

HDFC: Value Unlocking proposition + lowest NPAs in the Industry and consistent profitability track record even in recessions.

Mid Caps:
Sintex Industries: Strong brand name benefiting from construction and urbanization. Stock trading at 17x on FY09 earnings. Warburg Pincus holds stake in this comnpany.

LIC Housing: Stock Trades at 1x FY09 earnings book value. P/E of 4.7 on FY09.

IVRCL: Available at P/E of 15x on FY09 and 11x on FY10E.