Updated Portfolio of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

As on Sept-20-2010, here is the portfolio of Jhunjhunwala Rakesh and Rekha of RARE Enterprises. Investors should know that he holds the Stocks ir-respective of short-term blips – for example – Punj Lloyd. In our study we found that he holds the stock for more than 5 years and that is how he makes a killing. However, apart from directly owning the company’s stock he is a Trader as well making money for members of his syndicate. So if you have to follow him, then Patience is the keyword. Anyway, here is his portfolio,

ALPHAGEO 125,000
ATFL 1,153,700
ATFL 849,559
AUTOIND 731,233
AUTOIND 520,000 [Ya appears Twice, one held by himself, the other in the name of his Wife]
CRISIL 550,000
GEOJITBNPP 18,000,000
GEOMETRIC 3,955,000
HINDOILEXP 4,785,143
HINDOILEXP 1,887,273
KARURVYSYA 2,041,172
KAJARIACER 2,502,642
LUPIN 2,183,581
LUPIN 1,065,254
MBECL 480,078
NAGARCONST 10,150,000
NAGARCONST 5,000,000
PRAJIND 2,598,000
PRAJIND 11,678,624
PFOCUS 632,500
PFOCUS 250,000
PROVOGUE 1,900,000
PUNJLLOYD 3,790,000
RALLIS 602,007
RALLIS 517,875
STAR 500,000
SREINTFIN 1,250,000
SREINFRA 1,250,000
TITAN 981,694
TITAN 2,828,455
VIPIND 1,263,000
VIPIND 380,000
VICEROY 4,250,000
VICEROY 500,000

This is just the portfolio and he may have Derivatives Trade in these and or other stocks depending on the direction of the market to make bigger profits. Final Suggestion, Patience is the keyword, do what you can understand and are capable instead of following somebody blindly.