Markets Discounting Budget Views – Any Surprises ?

February 23, 2010

The Indian Markets have corrected pre-budget and are discounting the expectations that are likely to be met and reforms continuing without any drastic changes. BOFA-Merrill equity analysts write,

We think the budget to be presented on Feb 26th is unlikely to change the range-bound market view that we
have. We think the impact of the budget on the markets has been waning over the years since Read more

Indian IT, Media, Pharma, Telecom, Power Industry Budget Wishlist – II

February 19, 2010

We are covering to you on what the captains of the Indian industry have put forth in their budget-2010 wish list.You can read the wish list of Banking, Cement, Infratsructure & Construction, FMCG and Hotels here. In this Article we touch base on the wish list of other verticals.

Information Technology – Extension of Tax exemption beyond FY11, Rationalization of the current levy of 15%, Subsuming of VAT and service tax incidence to a single levy and Nation wide broadband rollout and focus on skill building. Read more

Pre Budget Industry Expectations – 1

February 19, 2010

Amidst high Inflation and extending sops to the Indian industry for growth, Mr. Mukherjee as a difficult task on Hand. We believe that Mr. P. Chaidmabram, the seasoned Finance Minister is the best-fit for this job with his vision for reforms and transformation. Lesser Mortals, we the democratic voters of India have to be content with High Level Politics and with this the Indian Industry has presented its wish list to the FM. We cover industry-wise wish list in 2 posts.

Automobile – Continuation of stimulus package, Remove differential excise duty between small and large cars and Extension of accelerated depreciation benefits for CV. Read more