Coverage on Indian Fertilizer Stocks

March 12, 2010

Indian Fertilizer sector stocks have recovered due to the allocation of natural gas, which has reduced cost and increased utilization levels of fertilizer plants. Many of these plants ran on expensive naphtha or FO / LSHS feedstock. Closed units are also likely to open due to this cost reduction. The consumption of fertilizers in India is expected to grow by 4% CAGR till FY12. Urea is expected to witness a supply deficit of 5.4mmtpa by FY12. Phosphatic and potash fertilizers also remain matters of concern due to the lack of indigenous raw materials.

De-regulation of Fertilizer Prices – While Urea was under mandatory pricing control under the New Pricing Scheme, Stage-III, the government recommended an MRP for DAP, MOP, MAP, TSP, SSP, Ammonium Sulphate and 11 other complex fertilizers under the Read more