DSB 10 Year MoM Rolling IRR for HDFC Mutual Funds

June 10, 2014

Breaking News - ExclusiveThis Article is a Must Read for everybody as we introduce a new benchmark of calculating 10 Year SIP Returns –

DalalStreet.Biz [DSB] 10 Year Rolling MoM Internal Rate of Return for Mutual Funds in India

We started off with 5 of the Top Performing Funds which we recommended 11 years ago.

Since we posted just on twitter a year ago about our new methodology of researching mutual funds, I’m sure most of you must have Read more

What Top Fund Managers are Buying / Selling ?

February 18, 2010

It is true that Indian Mutual Fund industry is very small compared to Insurance and FIIs. However, it is one of the best regulated and somewhat directly under SEBI [Can you believe HDFC was sending their top Agents on a Foreign Trip and SEBI asked if the Agents have disclosed this to their Clients ?] We strongly Read more