HDFC Top 200, Equity Funds – Review + What Next ?

If you’ve been a reader of our Site, then you all know we first recommended investment in HDFC Mutual Funds way back in 2003 and since then have been advising to stick to SIPs with Top-Ups during Market Crashes. Let us analyze what our SIPs have actually given us in Returns with the market going nowhere in the last 30 Months. [Sensex 17,527 March-2010]

HDFC Top 200 Fund Review
This the Largest Equity Fund in India which has grown organically over 15 years and has Assets Under Management around Rs 11,000 Cr. In the last 10 years / 5 years period, the fund has consistently beaten benchmarks. However, returns in a longer duration i.e since inception has tapered off from 28.33% in March-2010 to just 23.49% in Sept-2012 as shown below. (more…)

Sundaram BNP Paribas has the Worst IT Systems and Customer Care

I normally never write against somebody unless they are really terrible. Today I would like to prove how bad is Sundaram BNP Paribas Mutual Fund operating in India. Sundaram BNP Paribas has the worst IT Systems and Customer Care. In this age of Web services, where even Karnataka Government is delivering  Online  Services towards Citizens, lethargic IT Managers at Sundaram BNP Parbias Mutual Fund operate with the Cover Your Ass attitude without any accountability or responsibility even when a customer is seeking for help badly.

If you call their help line 1-800-425-7237, it goes to a Voice Mail. Makes me wonder is their only one person answering the (more…)

Gold Can Threaten SENSEX But Not Our Recommendations of Equity Basket

For a minute even I was surprised as I saw the report of Gold beating SENSEX as I had a quick glance on the table of Jr. Analyst. However, it is well known fact that our Recommendation of Equity Basket has outperformed the Gold in 15 year period. We have to prove the same else get our office decorated with Eggs and Rotten Vegetables 🙂

You all know that we have recommended investments in HDFC Top 200 Fund, HDFC Equity Fund, HDFC Tax Saver Fund, Reliance Growth Fund etc. Let us see their (more…)

Darkest Before Dawn – BUY India – Prashant Jain

Sr. Fund Manager and the Largest Wealth Creator for Individual Investors in India,  CIO of HDFC Mutual Funds Mr. Prashant Jain in a communication released just a while ago to Investors has asked to BUY the Indian Growth Story. Recall, on Oct-13, 2008, minutes after a conference call with Mr. Jain, we pushed the story – Best Time to Invest in Indian Equity and since then you have seen the returns of over 100% in 3 years and all HDFC Funds have beat this benchmark. [ Tax Free Returns ]

Excerpts from Today’s Communication to Investors by Mr. Prashant Jain, (more…)