Reliance Growth Fund Underperforms Market

The Markets have firmly closed above the 200 DMA and we wanted to update you on the performance of the Funds that we have recommended here. Reliance Growth fund controlled by Reliance ADAG has underperformed by a whopping 9% and the reasons could be that the funds exposure to its own group company stocks which are on the LOSING edge.

Data suggests that on 19/11/2010, SENSEX closed at 19585 while Reliance Growth Fund NAV was 506.41. SENSEX made a low of 17463 on 10/2/2011 and the Fund NAV dropped to 421.63 – a drop of 16.74% compared to the drop in SENSEX by (more…)

Grow your money 10 Times in 12-15 Years – Investment Strategy

The Indian Stock Market has witnessed 2 Big Bull Phases – Dec-2008 to Jan 2000 and April-2003 to Dec-2007. Our first investment advise came out in Dec-2003, the second phase of the Bull Run. Now are we in the third phase of bull run ? or are we headed for a short term bear market etc are the questions that run on your mind. Irrespective of how global equities behave, you can create wealth in Indian equities.

We have discussed how a 10 to 15 year SIP has already yielded ~30% Compounded returns. However, this time around I am advising investors who can invest in Lumpsum to take advantage of the on-going correction.  However, your SIPs should still continue after (more…)

AUM + Portfolio Moves Update for June

Indian Equity MFs AUM, at INR 2.14 tn, accounted for ~34% of total AUM. Aided by the rally in broader markets, equity AUM rose ~4% over the previous month. Sales in existing equity schemes stood at ~INR 40.3 bn in June against ~INR 54 bn in May. New fund offerings (NFOs) of equity schemes of ~INR 10.7 bn during the month.

Total AUM stands at INR 6.3 tn. It dipped by ~INR 1 13 tn over the previous month. Ratio of large-cap AUMs to mid-cap AUMs (more…)

Make Big Money with Small Savings in Equities not Real Estate

Big Players always make the big money in any business they venture. Now the question arises how do small players create big wealth ? Courtesy – Indian Equities. Data suggests that a a 10 year SIP in Mutual Funds has yielded around 30% returns. So your [1000 / month saving]  120,000 has grown to about 600,000 in 10 years. Now if you switch them to Dividend option, you can easily get at least Rs 30,000 [worst case] as dividend income every year. Reported Dividend income is about 60,000. (more…)

HDFC Mutual Funds Review – Beating the Benchmarks

In a somewhat delayed review [FOR March-2010 Quarter], we will review the performance of the the Funds that we have been recommending for quite a long time now.

HDFC Equity Fund – The fund continues to beat the benchmark S&P CNX 500 by a Huge Margin. The fund mainly consists of Large Cap Stocks with some flavor or Midcaps in the Growth sector.
Returns Delivered by HDFC Equity Fund – Data Suggests that 15 year SIP has yielded you 30.09% while a 10 year SIP would have made (more…)