NHAI to resume Awarding Road Projects Soon

The Rampant Corruption Wave that rocked the Weakest Government of Free India brought the award of Road Contracts to stand still as former Minister Kamal Nath did nothing to stop the Hooligans. Dr. Singh, took some step and brought in Dr. C P Joshi as the Minister of Surface Transport to check Corruption. Mr. Joshi took a step to introduce point based qualification so that Large Infrastructure Companies with Fantastic Track Record like Punj LLoyd, IL&FS Transportation Network etc don’t get dis-qualified by Corrupt Bureaucrats.

NHAI has informed us that it is gearing up to step-up (more…)

Voltas – Cool Your Portfolio with Hot Stock

Voltas a Tata group company has been in this business of Air Conditioning from Office to Commercial Retail and Cold Storage now. With Global Warming getting worse and the need of A/C increasing, Voltas is targeting a volume growth in room AC sales in India in FY12. It is also expanding market share from 19%, led by a new product range and a 20% jump in dealers.

For last quarter, owing to over a 25% decline in international MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works including central (more…)

PTC Financial Services – Expensive Offer – AVOID

Looks like the Union Government is out of its senses when dis-investing the shares of PTC Financial Services at a valuation higher than HDFC (India’s Most Trusted & Ethical Brand).We do not even want to analyze the offer as the Valuation, the first parameter itself failed miserably in our analysis.

Valuations: PTC Financial services offer is (more…)

Reliance Industries Output to Fall in KG Basin

Reliance Industries Ltd has submitted to DGH that the gas production from KG-D6 may fall to 47mmscmd in FY13. Further the five new wells proposed to be drilled up to FY13 can’t be brought to production until mid 2014.

This is in reply to earlier comments by DGH that the gas production from KGD6 would rise to 67mmscmd in April 2011. RIL is attributing (more…)

Impact of Unfortunate Quake in Japan to Indian Companies

The unfortunate natural disaster that occurred in Japan over the last few days will have limited impact on Indian Companies and Equities. India’s exports to Japan (2.1% of total) – primarily metals/ores, and imports (2.3% of total).

The possible indirect impacts – on India’s nuclear energy policy going ahead, the reaction of Japanese businesses regarding India operations and investments and Japanese capital flows into India (equity and debt), could have greater (more…)

Gold Vs Silver Vs PPF Vs Fixed Deposits Vs BSE Sensex – 30 Year Returns

We have received e-mails on which is the best Long Term [for over 20 years] Investment. Since Real Estate is completely a Black Money Market sponsored by the Government & Politicians in India and lacks real data, hence we excluded it from the study and here is what data of past 30 years suggests on investments in Gold Vs Silver Vs PPF Vs Fixed Deposits Vs BSE Sensex [Equities].

Data is compared from March-1981 till March-2010 and is as follows (more…)