Will the Government Move a Natural Resources Tax / Royalty Bill ?

The Supreme Court’s February 2, 2012 judgment on the 2G spectrum scam case and heightened public scrutiny of Government actions practically rule out the awarding of natural resources on a discretionary basis. We can easily conclude that the old process of awarding natural resources, such as coal blocks, mineral ores, Sand, etc on a discretionary basis will come to an end.

Recent Revelations by Investigative Journalists about the Coal Scam in India has made the purpose of the (more…)

How does United States of India look for the Equity Market ?

The Office of the Prime Minister, Dr. Singh has been indicted in the Famous 2G Wireless Spectrum Scam, Mother of All Scams – The Coal Block Allotment Scam and just a while ago the former chief of Army exposed the Rs 600 Crore Substandard Vehicle Supply Scam in the Defense. The financial budget for FY 2012-13 is not yet passed and the ruling party’s greed is unending without any sense of Moral responsibility.

We do not want to go over again on the impotence of (more…)

Will Indian Market Rise with Massive Corruption Wave + Breakdown of Government Machinery + Policy Paralysis ?

The Central Government doesn’t seem to get anything right – Budget Proposals Rolled back, Railway Minister Sacked, etc All these are steps backward for the forward looking Equity Analysts as the Congress Government does not want anybody with Brains to push Progressive Reforms and Policies but require muppets and puppets 🙂 [Old Man always seen complaining, Coalition Compulsions, Ufff!!!] Now that a media favored by the ruling party leaked a massive mother of all scams investigation report by CAG that will rock the nation soon – CoalGate – Coal Blocks Allocation Scam. Did the media have vested interest in telling Government, especially the PMO to go CYA 🙂

Anyway, Goldman Sachs has upgraded India (more…)

What is the New Income Tax Rule on TDS of Sale / Purchase of Immovable Property ?

The Government of India in the Finance Bill of 2012-13 has proposed a Income Tax Collection by means of TDS of 1% to Nail Down Citizens who have been evading Income Tax despite making a moolah in Land Deals. What does the Bill say ?

Excerpts of the Proposed Income Tax TDS on Immovable Property is as follows
1. Definition of Immovable Property according to the Bill, (more…)

How does Railway Budget 2012-13 Impact Indian Companies / Equities ?

Even before the Budget, the Railways hiked the tariffs for Cement and Coal Transportation on March-6th. Cement Prices have now been hiked by Rs 10-25 per bag compared to last month to pass on the railway freight rates. Negative for Construction and Real Estate Sector as input Cost will Rise and may not be fully passed on to end customers.

Dinesh Trivedi iterated that the ministry’s focus for next 5 years (more…)

Will Mamata Pull the Chain on Ambitious Railway Budget ?

The Railway Budget has adequately addressed the ongoing financial woes with revenue-enhancing measures. The passenger fare hikes come on the back of freight rate hikes on March 6, 2012. The rail budget can be considered non-populist and is a reflection of the intensely tight fiscal conditions facing the governments in general and is reflected in the fact that the passenger fare hike (10% to 12%) has happened after a long gap of 8 years.

Rail budget sets ambitious targets (more…)