HouseHold Savings in India Hit a 22 Year Low – Courtesy High Inflation + Bad Governance

It is a matter of great concern that Indian Household savings in Financial Products hit a 22 Year Low due to sustained High Inflation and Poor Governance of the Dr. Manmohan Singh Government embroiled in the Greatest Corruption scandals in the World.

This shift in composition is not surprising. In a continuously 3 year high inflation (more…)

Congress Leaders + Manmohan Singh Questioning CAG is Arrogance – Leading Nation Wrong Way

Readers, bear with me as this post is non-investment related, but essential since the basic integrity of every Indian will be questioned because of irrational behavior from esteemed men holding top offices in the Government of India.

Dr Manmohan Singh, Honb’le Prime Minister of India in my opinion has the best chance to take (more…)

What Parameters Quantify and Set-in the Bull Market in India ?

Today the market hit a 52 week high. [Follow us on Twitter here] and the question arises to many minds, are we in a Bull Market ? Before we answer the same, let us study what Quantifies and what Parameters Set-in for the Bull market in Indian Equities.

Historically, in our Stock Market, the following three parameters have been determining factor- steepening of the yield curve, expanding profit margins and attractive valuations. Other less important yet required factors are (more…)

How FIIs / DIIs Rotate Stocks from Sector to Sector to Maximize Returns ?

Even though the constituents of Index are evenly distributed across sectors, however, at times certain stocks run so high that their weightage keeps rising in the Index. Sometimes more stocks from the sector gain an index entry, making the sector weight swell further. Ultimately, valuations rise to a level that overestimates future growth leading to what is usually a dramatic drop in the weight of the sector.

Background with illustration on Sectoral Boom
In the mid-90s we saw industrial de-licensing and the quest of companies for global (more…)

Weak Industrial Production + Poor Monsoon – GDP Downside Risks ?

The Industrial production (IP) growth decelerated to -1.8%YoY in June 2012 from +2.5%YoY in May. The manufacturing segment output weakened by -3.2%YoY as compared with growth of 2.6%YoY in May. Within manufacturing, industry group electric machinery and apparatus contributed most to the weakness, declining by 56%YoY, followed by food product and beverages (-5.7%), tobacco products (-5.4%) and motor vehicles.

Capital goods output declined sharply by 27.9%YoY in June, (more…)