Congress Leaders + Manmohan Singh Questioning CAG is Arrogance – Leading Nation Wrong Way

Readers, bear with me as this post is non-investment related, but essential since the basic integrity of every Indian will be questioned because of irrational behavior from esteemed men holding top offices in the Government of India.

Dr Manmohan Singh, Honb’le Prime Minister of India in my opinion has the best chance to take moral responsibility of the Coal Scam, Delhi Airport Land Bank Allotment Scam and Rampant Violations / Bid Rigging in Ultra Mega Power Projects Scam and step down from the chair of Prime Minister of India which is viewed in Honor by a billion citizens like me.

What we don’t like in Dr Singh as PM of India ?

  • Sir, You are neither an elected leader nor you are the leader of a political party which should rule the country – This is important because you can’t command Power, the power center rests with the Political Leader and you become a PM for, what you know better.
  • Lately, you have been accusing the coalition partners for failure in governance and reforms – Why is the entire Airline Sector Bleeding ? Can you not clear FDI on a war footing as it neither requires LAND nor does it Sacrifice the interest of your farmers / small business, etc and will only help generate employment.
  • How are the Coalition Partner responsible for HIGH Inflation ?  No Clarity on Foreign Investments – Retrospective Amendment of Laws ? It was your party colleague Mr. Mukherjee taking wrong steps & decisions and you were a mute spectator.
  • The worst in you that has surfaced is you questioning the CAG report. Sir, it is an institution with highest integrity like the Honb’le Supreme Court.

Sir, don’t teach the young and dynamic India that everything is Questionable in India. It is because of this Bad Attitude of you and your Congress Party the State Governments are not co-operating with you on Land Reforms Bill, GST, FDI in Retail, etc Dr. Singh, it is time to listen to the conscious and apologize to the nation as history books written by Political Agents won’t be read by the coming generations but websites like this and wikileaks will stand tall to dissipate the light of Truth.