Satyam Computer plans for South Africa

Satyam Computer Services has announced strategic initiatives to strengthen its presence in South Africa.

The company is banking on a sizable number of contracts emanating from South Africa in the coming years and sees potential in providing IT solutions to the banking & financial, energy & utilities and government sectors.

As part of its global strategy, the company has also recruited and trained 50 South African technical graduates in the last one year. The first batch of 20 has been successfully deployed in projects in South Africa. Essentially an employment and skilled enablement program supporting the RSA’s BEEC, the company plans to hire almost 200 more local technical graduates, train them in India and bring them back to South Africa to associate with various customer projects.

Currently, the company serves 6 of the largest firms in the country, employs over 120 technical resources at customer locations and has offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.