Reliance Power Bonus Issue on Feb-24

Breaking News: Exclusive CoverageIn an effort to live up to the expectations of small investors, Anil Ambani along with his core team in Reliance Power Ltd met just a while ago and have decided to convene a board meeting to issue Bonus shares to IPO investors excluding the promoter group.

Our analysts are quick to point out that the Bonus shares may get locked-in or may come with some clause to make the investor hold the shares for long-term. Lets not take the route American economy has taken for FREE and EASY Lunch. Let Anil Ambani strive, build and make Rel Power operational in record time to win the hearts of our rigid analysts.

Consider this as Tina Ambani’s gift for Reliance Power shareholders and also to save the ADAG group brand name which took a severe beating ahead of Reliance Infratel IPO.