Inflation Falls to 8.90%

Inflation for the week ended Nov-8 falls further to 8.9% as compared to 8.98% reported in the last week. The prices of primary articles decline to 9.31% for week ended November 8, 2008 as compared to 11.01% for the preceding week.

The prices of fuel items declined to 8.21% for the week as compared to 9.22% in the preceding week. The inflation for manufactured products continued to decline for eleventh consecutive week to 8.02%, as compare to 8.06% for the preceding week.

Amongst the manufactured articles, the prices of metal products, woods products, chemical and chemical products and Beverages tobacco & tobacco products rose the most, by 15.25% yoy, 9.77% yoy, 8.98% yoy and 8.33% yoy respectively.